For context, we hired Carter before the pandemic, then postponed our wedding for a year, he was flexible and always polite when communicating with him. We had an indoor wedding, and had a fast 10 minute ceremony, dinner, speeches, and then dancing. I was impressed with Carter’s professionalism. First he came to our rehearsal the day before and was patient while people from the wedding party ran late, he was willing to stay longer than we initially agreed on if those people didn’t show up, luckily they did. He had his laptop during the rehearsal so we had an idea on music for the ceremony. We went over some logistics like what type of microphones we wanted to be used as well as played music that would be played before and during the ceremony. Carter does have scripts for different situations during weddings which I really appreciated but also without complaint took our script and ran with it.

On the day of, Carter came early and set up in the background while we took photos. His set up was quick and he was really good about not having wires in the way and making the sound system blend into the decorations. There were absolutely no issues with sound of music AND the microphones, which if you’ve ever been to a wedding, is almost unheard of. What really impressed me was the fact that my husband and I didn’t pick any music as it wasn’t something we were interested in doing. We didn’t even have a song selected for our first dance. Carter went above and beyond and found a beautiful song that was short (we asked him to keep it short as we don’t like dancing) and somehow fit perfectly into our personalities. He kept background music going during dinner and the volume never felt loud. For speeches, again we had no audio issues and finally for all the dancing he picked songs that were appropriate for weddings.

I’d say, if you are someone like us who are extremely laid back and don’t give any directions, you’ll love Carter! He knows how to DJ weddings without prompting. If you are someone who wants to ensure you have all the details ironed out and you’ve made all the decisions, his form for music selection and timeline are very detailed and will go over every situation that could happen in a wedding that needs music or microphones. His pricing was extremely fair and again, I can’t stress how impressed I was on his professionalism and the fact that there were no sound issues with microphones or music.


Temporarily Closed

CJREvents is temporarily closed and will not be booking wedding clients until further notice. If you are in need of a wedding DJ, please visit Mike and Ike Event Services. We appreciate your understanding.